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Mobility of the future

Safe and mobile – how will our children get from point A to B in the future?

Satisfying individual needs while also looking at the overall picture – the mobility solutions of the future must know the needs of each individual, while also being safe, clean, efficient and above all else, sustainable.

 Everything packed away? Then the kids just have to be dropped off at school and you can head to work.
 It's early in the morning, 8 am has just gone by, and everyone is ready to head off: Dad has his first team meeting at 9, on his way to work he drops Sarah off in the day-care center. Ten-year-old Jonas is already trudging his way to school with the neighbors' children, and Mom is now dashing in the family's second car to her practice where her first patients are already waiting for her. In the afternoon, the young ones have to be collected, Jonas has to head off to football training in a nearby town, thankfully the supermarket is on the route.

 Job, looking after the kids, organizing the household – families are constantly on the move today, and most of the time are in the car, particularly if they do not live right in the heart of a large town. If both parents are working, there is normally a second car in the garage beside the family car so that all the daily chores can be completed. In addition, the route to work has grown longer on average in recent years. In 1996, more than half of all employees in Germany lived less than ten kilometers away from work, according to the German Federal Statistical Office. In 2008, this figure had fallen to just 45% of all workers. Professional mobility, which has long been expected of everyone and is part and parcel of the globalized economic order, brings with it more frequent changes in job and place of residence, either for the whole family or just for the breadwinner. This then means commuting on the weekend, often from one end of the country to the other. And because it has been such a long time since the grandparents lived with us under the same roof and they are now living hundreds of kilometers away, and because we don't want to lose contact with our childhood friends, we end up spending hours on end in cars, trains or airplanes.