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Mercedes-Benz Türk


Mercedes-Benz Türk was established in Istanbul in 1967 under the name "Otomarsan" with Daimler-Benz AG as the major shareholder with 36 %. Mercedes-Benz Türk produces city-buses and coaches at the Hoşdere Bus Plant in Istanbul and light, medium and heavy duty trucks at the Aksaray Truck Plant. These facilities are an important part of Daimler AG’s development and production network. Mercedes-Benz Türk also sells the vehicles which are exclusively produced in Turkey in the domestic and export markets. Furthermore the company imports and sells
Mercedes-Benz vans and all passenger car brands of the Daimler group.



Mercedes-Benz Türk has been carrying out and supporting various projects since the 1980s as part of its corporate social responsibility activities (CSR).





Education, which is fundamental to a society’s development, is at the core of Mercedes-Benz Türk’s CSR efforts. “Each Girl is a Star”, “Hacettepe University Automotive Engineering”  and various other projects with universities are examples of the company’s committment to education.



Sponsorship of Istanbul and Ankara Music Festivals in the area of arts and culture as well as other events and sponsorship of the National Football and Basketball Federations in the area of sports projects form the pillars of Mercedes-Benz Türk’s social responsibility activities.