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MobileKids in Turkey

Mercedes-Benz Türk starts providing traffic education for children

Mercedes-Benz Türk and Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) start together to a new traffic education programme for children, most vulnerable road users, in order to teach them how to behave correct in the traffic.

MobileKids Traffic Education Project,  which is an initiative of Daimler AG, parent company of Mercedes-Benz Türk, was implemented in various countries since 2001 in order to make children aware of the potential dangers in an age-appropriate manner and to ensure their safety. Now, this project starts in Turkey. MobileKids project has reached to 1,3 million children in Germany, India, Malaysia, Israel, Italy, China and Hungary until today.

Mercedes-Benz Türk cooperates with TEGV since the company believes that a project, which is developed special for children, requires to be carried out by organizations or foundations – such as TEGV, which are specialized on childhood education.

Within this scope, the first thematic firefly “Traffic Firefly” is prepared by including TEGV’s mobile learning team in order to achieve one-to-one contact with children. Traffic Firefly will provide traffic education for children of primary school age with the motto "Children On The Roads” in Turkey’s various regions as of February 2013.

MobileKids Project aims to visit all 7 regions of Turkey in its first 5 years, by organizing events each year at 7-8 schools at 3-4 different cities, visiting 1-2 different regions.

Mobilekids web site ( is another important tool of the project together with the Traffic Firefly.  MobileKids web site offers children learning by having fun with its games about traffic and also gives useful information about traffic education for the families.

Together with Traffic Firefly, Mobilekids web site ( is another important tool of the project. Mobilekids web site provides the opportunity to learn while having fun for children and gives useful information about traffic education for their families.

Besides MobileKids project aims to reach a wider audience by taking place on social media with its Facebook page.