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Word of Welcome

Every day, traffic touches more than five billion people worldwide: whether they are on foot, a bicycle, the bus, or in a truck or car - either as a driver or passenger. This figure also includes many children. We want to make future mobility as safe as possible for all of them. As inventors of the automobile, we have been pioneers in the field of vehicle safety for many decades and are systematically pursuing the “route to accident-free driving”. Our goal is to make our vehicles as safe as possible, and it's here that we have made significant progress in recent decades with innovative concepts in vehicle design like the passenger safety compartment or intelligent protection systems. This has contributed to considerably reducing the number, as well as the severity, of traffic accidents.

Our commitment to the field of safety does not stop there by a long shot: We see this as a comprehensive and holistic approach that is oriented towards the real traffic environment and anyone involved in that environment. As such, we feel especially obliged to protect children – whether they are passengers, pedestrians or bicyclists. This includes training and educating them to behave safely in traffic. That’s why, as early as 2001, we launched the world’s biggest traffic safety initiative for children - MobileKids. This program is intended to prepare children between the ages of six and ten years old for street traffic through playful learning. It has been my great pleasure to take over the patronage of this initiative and I am delighted about everyone who, together with us, is committed to our children's safety.

Dr. Thomas Weber
Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG
responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development