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MobileKids is a global initiative. National organizations have the opportunity to implement MobileKids activities based on their specific requirements. This means that MobileKids has, for the first time in the history of road safety activities, approached children around the world with a uniform concept. The idea is simple: MobileKids should be fun - because then children simply remember what they have learnt and experienced.


As a world-leading automobile manufacturer, Daimler AG launched the first and world’s largest road safety initiative in the form of MobileKids in 2001. MobileKids aims to help the youngest road users – children between the ages of six and ten years old - by inculcating in them, road safety habits for now and the future. After having evolved for more than 10 years, MobileKids has become a very important part of Daimler’s corporate social responsibility work.


In addition to a road show through Malaysia and transmission of the TV series "The Nimbols", an exhibition was created with the theme of road safety. Amongst other things, the children had a replica of the virtual city of Mokitown where they could simulate various traffic situations and be sensitized to the dangers in road traffic in a playful way.


More than 3,000 school kids were addressed in the cities of Delhi, Pune and Chennai during the course of the MobileKids traffic training programmes. Workshops on the topic of road safety were set up in these three Indian cities, accompanied by teaching aids which were specifically developed for the Indian MobileKids road traffic education programme and translated into English, Hindi, Marathi and Tamil.


MobileKids was met with great enthusiasm in Israel. MobileKids was introduced to previously existing road safety schools and safety circuits in Ramat Hasharon and Herzliya. Other cities in Israel also expressed an interest. The TV series "The Nimbols" is currently being translated into both Hebraic and Arabic.


The MobileKids Villaggio tour through Italy brought numerous kidschildren into playful contact with the topic of road safety. It also included MobileKids teaching aids, safety circuits and workshops for teachers.


MobileKids programme launched at 2012 in China. Programme features various educational materials that were localized by over 50 experts to better suit Chinese traffic conditions and academic curriculums. With theoretical content based on global road safety principles that match China's educational system and trends, such learning materials are authoritative and interesting. Interactive games are also a main element of the program, which allow children to better enjoy the learning process.

The MobileKids program will be expanded across the country using the "Two Classrooms" approach – a combination of in-class education and practical learning. The concept integrates road safety education into academic curriculums to create the children's "First Classrooms", while "Second Classrooms" in the form of permanent interactive bases, online communities, "School Days" and "Experience Days" serve as supplemental resources.


Hungary also adopted MobileKids in 2012