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About Moki


The exclusive "Moki" is an ambassador of the MobileKids Program in different situations and media. The friendly figure helps to teach people the rules of road traffic and other useful information.

What is Moki stand for? A traffic coach to kids? A robot of future traffic technology?

Moki is the safety specialist of the initiative MobileKids and knows everything about being mobile in a safe and smart manner. With comprehensive knowledge and a kind and smart personality, Moki is a reliable traffic coach for kids and a helpful support for adults when it comes to teaching road safety and mobility matters.

How does it link to road safety concept for children & parents?

Since 2010, MobileKids has broadened its focus and pursues a holistic approach: Not only does MobileKids offer children customized material, it also helps parents to protect and prepare their children even better. For the initiative MobileKids, Moki is a friendly and smart fellow and facilitator that is appealing and engaging for both children and adults. Therefore the character perfectly fits as an entertaining and supporting link between all age groups.

Why is it called Moki? Its gender? Any cultural inspiration? How is his/her personality: friendly, optimistic extrovert, enthusiastic lively? It's represented ideal: future, mobile technology?

The name of the Moki is the shortcut of the initiative Moki represents (MobileKids). Just like the initiative itself, Moki addresses kids and adults all over the world without any cultural, social or other constraints. Being a smart international expert on road safety and future mobility, Moki is always modest and attentive and never acts risky or careless. What Moki loves to do: Helping to make road safety and accident prevention a natural element in everyday life for children and adults.

Who is the designer, and/or designer team? How long it takes to design Moki?

Moki was created by the designer and illustrator for children's books Jürgen Gawron, located in Munich, Germany. The process of defining the look and feel of the character took quite a few month. Starting with some rough sketches in the beginning, several and different model versions and pretests defined the final appearance of the character Moki. But ever since that day, he has become a vital and popular component to the international road safety initiative.