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About MobileKids

As a world-leading automobile manufacturer, Daimler AG launched the first and the world’s largest road safety initiative in the form of MobileKids in 2001. MobileKids aims to help the youngest road users – children between the ages of six and ten years old - by inculcating in them, road safety habits for now and the future. After having evolved for more than 10 years, MobileKids has become a very important part of Daimler’s corporate social responsibility work. MobileKids adopts a holistic approach: not only does it offer children customized material, it also helps parents to better protect and prepare their children.

Road safety is of prime importance to us all. Children are particularly vulnerable road users. Between the ages of six and ten years old, they are slowly but surely developing into independent road users: going to school, visiting friends in the afternoon or practicing sports. For this reason, it is important to make young girls and boys aware of possible dangers in an age-appropriate manner and to train them to behave cautiously in road traffic for safety reasons.

As an international children’s safety initiative educational program, girls and boys from all over the world, including MobileKids’ home country Germany, India, Malaysia, Israel and Italy have experienced the MobileKids program in various forms. Globally, more than 1.3 million children have been made aware of the dangers of road traffic and have received safety training.



Born in a developed automobile society, MobileKids possesses a leading concept, which not only focuses only on current traffic conditions, but is also concerned about future mobility. Adhering to a playful learning approach and the use of age-appropriate teaching materials and theories, MobileKids makes road safety and accident prevention concepts natural elements in the everyday lives of children and adults, such as through cultivating their awareness of road safety.

 We can’t wait to welcome MobileKids to to Turkey  in 2013. Based on its wealth of overseas experiences, we will adapt MobileKids to Turkey and roll out this initiative on a national scale by introducing MobileKids to children by our mobile education center so that MobileKids will be a valuable part of children’s childhood experiences and that we will make our children fit for road traffic.